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Christmas bells
Mara's Christmas Wish, Inc.
57552  29 Palms Hwy,  #250
Yucca Valley, CA  92284


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Mara's Christmas Wish provides on Christmas Day FREE BUFFET, all you can eat, free kids toys, clothes, and live entertainment for the less fortunate families.
Our Mission
To provide for the homeless, lonely, elderly and those in poverty; individuals and families in need of food; and toys for the children in our community.

Our Vision
To pledge that on Christmas Day, no one goes hungry, no child goes without receiving toys, and no one is alone on Christmas Day.

What We Do
There are many families and individuals in our community who go without food, shelter and other daily essentials due to a variety of factors, such as job loss, injury, illness, domestic violence and divorce. It is with the support of organizations and people within our community working in conjunction with Mara’s Christmas Wish, to be able to provide a hearty, quality meal as well as fellowship to our community members on Christmas Day.

It is our desire to provide a place for anyone in the community to come, participate in fellowship, be among friends and enjoy a meal one day a year, and that day is Christmas Day.

We know we are not going to solve poverty, hunger or illness but we can provide one day that everyone, no matter their circumstances, is welcome and among friends.

On Christmas Day, Mara’s Christmas Wish, provided approximately 1,000 – 2,500 meals to individuals and families. Santa gives out toys for children from infants to 13 years old.
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Mara's Christmas Wish